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These are examples of other trainings that can be brought to your district. Contact us at 800.966.9638 to arrange any of these and any other professional development topics that serve the needs of your staff.

Graduate Credit* is available for an additional cost for some these classes. Call 800-966-9638 for graduate pricing.

Google PD

Chromebooks 101 for Teachers

Learn why this device is so popular, strategies for using the Chromebook in the classroom, and a few drawbacks plus a few workarounds.

Improving Parent Communication

Discover how the parent notification features of Google Classroom (and now also Schoology) get parents more involved with learning. Reports are “This works!”

Jumping On Board with Google Classroom

Google Classroom can help improve student performance, while preparing students for online testing – even before you are 1:1! Learn how to set-up YOUR Classroom.

Quick Method: Creating Online Tests

In less than an hour you will be using Google’s free quiz-maker program to create online tests (now with ‘print’ options!) that help you manage your assessments, using 80% of the item formats found in state tests. Self-grading tests will be demonstrated.

What’s New with Google?

Google just keeps getting better. Attend this session to review what’s new with Google besides a name change from Google Apps for Education to G Suite for Education.

Introduction to Office 365 Excel

If you know Excel but have never used the online version, this workshop is for you.

Microsoft Word for the College Bound

Many area 2 and 4 year institutions require students to use Office 365 versions of Word and Excel. Learn how to get your own FREE district accounts.

Office 365 – Features Compared

See the 5 most used features of Office 365, and also learn about 10 additional tools often included in K-12 roll-outs.

Skimming the Cloud: Office 365

Office365 for Education provides staff, faculty, and students at your school with free email, online document editing and storage, IM, and web conferencing.

ACT Tips – Raise Scores 10% or More!

Discover how most students can increase their ACT score by 1 to as much as 5 points, plus how graduation goals and financial savings impact a decision to re-take the ACT.

ACT & SAT: Getting Our Kids Ready

A quick look at what is changing in the both the SAT and ACT, followed by strategies and resources to help students prepare (focus on ACT).

Using Online Assessments to Prepare for Online Testing & ACT/SAT

Use of online assessments (i.e. Google Forms, Socrative, etc.) makes it easier to transform paper tests to online versions that support over 80% of the question formats seen on the online tests, ACT and SAT. We’ll cover the advanced features of these online assessments and spend hands-on time creating assessments.

1:1 – Making It a SUCCESS!

One of the biggest shifts we expect to see in the 2017-2018 school year is that almost all districts – including those moving to 1:1 – will be sending devices home with their students. The more time students have the device, the more they are used – and the more time on task = increased student growth. Discover the 5 simple strategies to make investment in 1:1 improve performance for ALL students and learn why the devices need to go home with students EVERY night.

Google vs Office 365 – or BOTH?

A discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the two most popular tool sets in K-12 education today – and what to do if some students need BOTH.

Internet Safety & Digital Citizenship

With ODE’s decision to cease funding of the Internet safety resources, this training will review multiple free online resources that can ensure students receive instruction in Internet safety to become responsible digital citizens.

Practice A.I.R. Online Test Skills

If you are not sure of how a checkbox differs from a radio button, and what writing prompts mean ‘3 paragraphs or more’, this training is for you!

Take the Dread Out of Research

We’ll explore strategies to help guide your students through the research process with the use of free online tools including the Research4Success online course, rubrics, citation builders, and use of INFOhio’s ISearch as an alternative to Google searching.

Tech Planning for District Leaders

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) - take a 3 to 5 year look at what you will be doing with technology in your district. We will take a look at trends in technology use – not only at K-12, but also in colleges and industry, and help you develop YOUR 3 to 5 year plan.

What’s New with ODE’s Updated Technology Standards?

(RM will send date description; ODE will pick one of six dates we send them...)

Gaming – It’s More Than Just Fun and Games!

Learn how ‘learning games’ are transforming into powerful instructional strategies through “gamification”, and how this might impact your classroom now, and in the future.

Makey Makey: Become A Digital Inventor

Discover how digital controllers and computer programming impact almost every aspect of our lives. The training includes an introduction to using the “Scratch” programming language. Want to do more? Continue learning in our ‘Coding with Scratch’ workshop.

Start Programing with Scratch

Code your first program in just 15 minutes, using the SCRATCH language. Then see how you can set up a coding class or club even with no previous coding experience.

Virtual Reality with Cardboard

Experience virtual reality and take home your own Google Cardboard 3D viewer (cell phone required). See how it can impact student learning, and review resources to help you and your students create their OWN virtual reality explorations tied with learning objectives in almost any content area!

Cancellation Policy: There is no charge if your registration cancellation is received at least 2 weeks prior to start of class. Graduate course fee refunds follow the university policy.
All fees are payable to NWOET by check, major credit card, cash, or district purchase order at time of registration. Professional development option/no credit desired: PD Certificate is available for all trainings on request at no additional charge.
*Graduate credit is available for an additional cost - call for more information.

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